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  1. Plural of foul


  1. third-person singular of foul

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Foul may refer to:
  • Foul (football), in football (soccer), an unfair act by a player as deemed by the referee
  • Foul ball, in baseball, a batted ball that lands in foul territory
  • Foul Madammas, a Middle Eastern food made from fava beans
  • Foul play, a synonym for "crime"
  • Foul Play, a 1978 movie
  • Flagrant foul, in basketball, unsportsmanlike contact behavior, considered the most serious foul and often resulting in ejection
  • Personal foul, in basketball, illegal personal contact with an opponent
  • Professional foul, in football (soccer) or rugby, a deliberate act of foul play, usually to prevent an opponent scoring
  • Technical foul, in basketball, unsportsmanlike non-contact behavior, a more serious infraction than a personal foul
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